November 19th, 2002 1:45PM

Today was different. Not sure why? I had a quiz, and I wasn’t stressed, and I did well on it. I had 3 classes, and I didn’t sleep in any of them. The class I usually don’t like the most, was probably the best class of today. I have an hour until work, but I am not stressed about closing the store tonight. Hey, even my hair turned out ok today! :).. (oh man, I’m going to get some emails about that last sentence ;0)

But seriously, I’m sitting here listening to music in my apartment by myself and I am just enjoying the thoughts going through my head. Last night I wanted to write some poems or something, I haven’t done that in a while. I guess I haven’t had or made time to do those kinds of things. I really think that I should start making time for other things. I’m not saying that I should study less, but there have been nights where I just sat around. Maybe sitting on our couch just watching the Christmas tree, or watching the guys play video games. I don’t know, I guess I’m always wanting a little change in my life. Some things should never change, but small things, yeah, I could use a change in them sometimes.

I think I am going to head out, but I want you kids to know that I appreciate how you support my site. I’m glad everyone enjoys it. Hope your week has started off well, see you in a bit.


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