September 17, 2002 12:00A.M.

I’m thinking about going to breakfast tomorrow. I’m not sure. There is person here trying to convince me that I should eat something in the morning. He tells “it makes your day go better.” hhm.. I don’t know about that? So, I’m holding a tennis ball, it’s from New York. I got it in my mailbox the other day. It’s fun.

Well, schools good I guess. I studied for my history quiz this evening with a couple people from school. It was good. So things are good. I bought some new pants. Anyways, I drank about a Grande size coffee a little bit ago and now I’m wired and stuff. I’m feeling good. I gotta tell ya. hehe.. oh man, I love it. I really am all hyper and stuff, but I just can’t settle down. I love life. I really do. I gotta tell ya. I love it. It so much better to exist than not to exist. It’s great in fact. ok bye.


By Shay

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