April 9, 2002 9:21 P.M.

I wrote something today. I was sitting in government and I started feeling a little depressed. So I thought I’d better grab a pen and start writing. It’s not really about anything at all, and you guys might not even care, but here goes:

“I just feel like writing. No rhyme or reason, except for the fact that I am broken. And I find peace in the ink of this pen. The simple thought that I am capable of allowing my mind to finish what it has started right here. I have eyes, I can see what’s going on here. No talk, no look; what’s wrong with me? There is a song that won’t go away, not to mention the future I’m building up in my head. A tear could enter now, and it wouldn’t be awkward. Still my stomach turns, but you don’t know. Maybe you can’t get two out of three? It’s hard to explain. Maybe I’ll feel better if I spent some time alone today. But that’s no what a man’s heart wants. I’d rather lie down, sit and think that continue to listen to this commotion. This is a freakin’ movie. It’s stupid! Why am I stuck in my younger years.”

Not sure what it all means, but I was just writing. A few hours later I found myself at the “Holiday Skating Rink.” You see, we had this “skate-a-thon” thingy, it’s really weird. But the whole school goes over to this really 80’s skating rink and we chill there for a few hours. I’ve been sick, so I didn’t have the greatest time. But it really wasn’t that bad. Had some good conversations with some friends.

Ok, well, I need to go work on my economics assignment. I think I’m done. Send me some email. I like to hear from everyone. Bye now.


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