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Free Music You Need to Download

I’m only sharing about the albums below because they are legitemately good albums. I don’t have any affiliation with any group or artist — I just love music, and when it’s free I love it more.

Artist: Ascend The Hill
Album: Hymns - Take The World But Give Me Jesus
This album is just a good rock worship album, with old rearranged hymns. It’s probably not for everyone, but I am really enjoying it. Click the album artwork below to be directed to where you can download it. There will be a link at the top that says “Download For Free” which is being provided by the band’s record label — 100% legal and free.
Ascend The Hill - Take The World But Give Me Jesus

Artist: Andrew Belle
Album: The Ladder
If you’re a fan of Mat Kearney, Brett Dennen, or Andrew Bird then I think you’ll enjoy this record. If you have no clue about any of the artists I just mentioned, you can stop reading now and move on. This is a good record, and a little more mainstream style. Just all around feel good songs and something you can do work or drive around to. This album is only free for two more days, so get it quick! Click the album below to enter your email address and get a free download.
Andrew Belle - The Ladder