July 24th 2001

Sorry about not posting the last couple of days. My server, Qnet, had some problems yesterday and I couldn’t upload any good posting information for the user enjoyment and the accesability of this site. That last sentence is a masterpiece.

So, I went and saw two movies today. I saw America’s Sweethearts and A Knight’s Tale (for the third time). uh.. that’s all I have to say about that.

I think it’s interesting that with the new addition of this journal I have seen a significant increase in the traffic of my site. In fact, it’s doubled. Yes, that’s right 50% more people have found their way to the shaycam. Instead of 1 person, we now have a total of 2, count em’, 2 people checking out the site on a weekly basis.

As for the picture at the right, Josh and I spent numerous hours finding the many faces shaycam can take on. There is now a new gallery and you can see it here. Ok?.. wow.. that’ll be all.


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