Hear, See, and Do – #8

HEAR: Three Qualities God is Looking For in His Servants
A few weeks back we had a missionary to Uganda as a guest preacher at our church while our pastor was gone. He preached a phenomenal sermon on the “three qualities God is looking for in His servants” out of Isaiah 66, and you would do well to give it a listen. I guarantee it will convict your heart and you will appreciate this pastor’s passion for God’s word and God’s people. Click this link to begin listening or to download the mp3 file (right-click and select “Save As…” to download the file to your computer).

SEE: John Mayer Singing Without a Guitar in His Hands

John Mayer enters the video at about a minute in, so go ahead and fast forward.

DO: Read Last Week’s Cover Story From Newsweek
Last weeks cover story titled “The End of Christian America” which seeks to reveal the latest findings that the number of claiming Christians had dropped some 10% in the past 15 years. Thankfully, they interviewed who I believe to be one of the best-thinking, conservative theologians, Dr. Albert Mohler. Here’s a quick snippet from the article:

“The moral teachings of Christianity have exerted an incalculable influence on Western civilization,” Mohler says. “As those moral teachings fade into cultural memory, a secularized morality takes their place. Once Christianity is abandoned by a significant portion of the population, the moral landscape necessarily changes. For the better part of the 20th century, the nations of Western Europe led the way in the abandonment of Christian commitments. Christian moral reflexes and moral principles gave way to the loosening grip of a Christian memory. Now even that Christian memory is absent from the lives of millions.”

Click here to read the entire article: “The End of Christian America.”

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Hear, See, and Do – #7

HEAR: The New U2 Album No Line On The Horizon For Free
U2 is set to release their 12th full-length, studio album next week and they are streaming the whole thing this week on their MySpace page. I’ve only had one listen through, but I feel like it’s just another good album from U2. As soon as I’ve had some time to listen through it a few times I’ll be sure and post a full-review on evadethenoise.com.

SEE: The Crisis of Credit Visualized
Still a little fuzzy on this whole “credit crisis”? Well, this video should clear things up a bit.

DO: Buy a Pair of TOMS Shoes
TOMS ShoesI love my TOMS shoes. Not just because they are uber fashionable and very comfy, but because every time I buy a pair of TOMS shoes I know they are going to give another pair to a child in need. That’s TOMS mission and that’s something I can get behind. Bethany and I ordered our second pair this week and we’re stoked on em’. I got a pair of Charcoal Canvas Stitchouts and Bethany got Chocolate/Natural Stripes! And if you’re not in the market for yourself, I say buy your friend a pair or even consider a pair of Tiny TOMS which, let’s be honest — are the cutest little shoes “in 3 counties” (as my mom would say). Oh, and they even sent us our very own TOMS flag which we hung on our wall — it’s fun.

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Hear, See, and Do – #6

It’s time again for another installment of Hear, See, and Do. This is my way of giving every type of learner in the world a crack at what goes on in my head. So whether you’re an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner this post has something for you!

Hear: Hanson - The Walk
Hanson - The WalkHanson has been one of those bands that has been labeled and discarded by people for fear that someone might see you associating with the music of a thirteen year old girl. But I’m here to tell you that they are not the “mmm bop” boys anymore. The band have actually grown up (as I would hope) over the past ten plus years of touring and writing, and their last full-length album titled The Walk is seriously worth a listen. You may be thinking I’m off my rocker, but I’m telling you right now that it’s not what you think. In fact, I remember the first time I heard a Hanson song that I liked, I was in high school. I don’t even remember the song title — all I remember was thinking “oh no, I actually like this.” Of course I didn’t really share this feeling with anyone at school for the same fear I have already stated, but now I can proudly tell you that I’m a fan of their sound and look forward to their next release. Just give it a chance and take a listen for free by clicking here.

See: This Really Creative Stop-Motion Video and Be Inspired

Do: Buy a Disneyland Annual Pass or Go Free on Your Birthday
You’re gonna spend the money — it’s just a matter of how magical you’re going to spend it. That’s why I think you’ve got to go and buy an annual pass to Disneyland. I know the economy is bad, OK — I know. But I refuse to allow the economy to dictate the magic that I will experience this year. That’s exactly why Bethany and I have Southern California annual passes and we’re getting more disciples to follow our ways every week. Don’t worry though! If you can’t seem to come up with the cash you can at least enjoy one magical day at the park by signing up for a free birthday pass in 2009. If you’ve never been to Disneyland on your birthda — it’s the best. They give you a special birthday button, a phone call from Goofy, and everywhere you walk that day the cast members will be sure and tell you “Happy Birthday!” Now get out there and let’s get magical!

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Hear, See, and Do – #5

Hear: My Latest Mix on 8tracks.com
I wrote about 8tracks.com on evadethenoise the other day and I thought it would be appropriate for Shaycam. 8tracks is a new, legal way to make mixtapes with your mp3’s to share with people on your MySpace, Facebook, or blog. Be sure and check out my mix if you’re in the mood to fly!

See: These Inauguration Photos From The Past to Present

With the inauguration of our new President just days away, it’s only appropriate to see what these big events have looked like in the past. Thanks to the Smithsonian and Flickr we can now see a good collection of inauguration photos online for free and if you’re interested in politics, history, or just photography I would take a look at these.

Do: Read “iPhones Have Consequences”
I read this article earlier this week and was both challenged and convicted as to where our culture is going in regards to reading and knowledge. I’ve said many times before that I’m always interested to read what people think about our culture in regards to youth and culture. This article does a great job of expounding on our continued reliance on technology at the risk of losing some of they key components to our society. It’s a good read. Let me know what you think.

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Hear, See, and Do – #4

One of a possible 2 posts for this Christmas eve…

Hear: Rosie Thomas - A Very Rosie Christmas
evadethenoise.com (aka: my friends and me) wrote: “Rosie has a way of making everything she writes seem like it’s been around for years and this Christmas album is no different. Even at my first listen I assumed this was just one of those great traditonal Christmas records people have been listening to for years. I would venture to say that if you’re going to spend money on one new Christmas music this year, it should be this one.”

See: “Fifty People, One Question”

Fifty People, One Question: New Orleans from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo.

Do: Subscribe and Read the Gospel and Culture Project on a Regular Basis
Every now and then I come across something while browsing the abyss that is the internet that captures my attention for an extended period of time. I don’t have time to read everything that I come across in the hundreds of blogs I have in my Google Reader, but one that I “can’t put down” (for lack of a better phrase) is the Gospel and Culture Project.

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