Hear, See, and Do

Hear, See, and Do – #7

HEAR: The New U2 Album No Line On The Horizon For Free
U2 is set to release their 12th full-length, studio album next week and they are streaming the whole thing this week on their MySpace page. I’ve only had one listen through, but I feel like it’s just another good album from U2. As soon as I’ve had some time to listen through it a few times I’ll be sure and post a full-review on

SEE: The Crisis of Credit Visualized
Still a little fuzzy on this whole “credit crisis”? Well, this video should clear things up a bit.

DO: Buy a Pair of TOMS Shoes
TOMS ShoesI love my TOMS shoes. Not just because they are uber fashionable and very comfy, but because every time I buy a pair of TOMS shoes I know they are going to give another pair to a child in need. That’s TOMS mission and that’s something I can get behind. Bethany and I ordered our second pair this week and we’re stoked on em’. I got a pair of Charcoal Canvas Stitchouts and Bethany got Chocolate/Natural Stripes! And if you’re not in the market for yourself, I say buy your friend a pair or even consider a pair of Tiny TOMS which, let’s be honest — are the cutest little shoes “in 3 counties” (as my mom would say). Oh, and they even sent us our very own TOMS flag which we hung on our wall — it’s fun.

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