Top 10 Lies I Believed Before Becoming a Dad

Consider this an ongoing list that can be added to at any moment…

1. That having a baby (labor) is exactly how they show you in the movies.
2. That they take your baby away from you and put them in a room with a bunch of other babies and you have to stare at what you think is your baby from a window.
3. That changing diapers is the most disgusting thing every time you do it.
4. That babies are always awake when you want to sleep.
5. That newborn babies don’t know how to smile.
6. That you have to completely know and understand everything in every newborn medical book before actually having the baby.
7. That I will always know why my child is crying and what do to about it.
8. That you can’t ever, under any circumstance, let your baby lay with you in bed.
9. That life would be different but pretty much the same after having a baby.
10. That I’m always going to be the best husband and father at all times.

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My daughters first smile came moments after she was born. There is no way that was gas. All of the nurses saw it as well, she showed off her gorgeous dimples shortly after what would be, to most, a very traumatic experience!

Ive never had a baby smile due to gas. I have had a baby wince to get gas out, but a parent can generally tell the difference between a smile and a wince.

No. 2 was true when I had my children 40 years ago. Dads were not allowed into labor or delivery and did not touch their babies until you took them home. Nurses would take all the babies off the floor when it was visiting hours and we stayed in hospital 3 days. Not much bonding because didn’t have much time with baby. SOOOOOO much nicer today!!!!!

So true. You really will spend a lot of time with a baby screaming for dear life and you have NO CLUE WHY.

You’re right! Life will not be the same now that you have a son… it just got better! :D

11. The parenting books’ and pediatrician’s word on how to raise your child is Gospel

I’ll trust the pediatrician on health and medical matters but I must remember I have knowledge and instincts as a good parent, I must remember I have knowledge and instincts as a good parent, I must remember I have knowledge and instincts as a good parent,…

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