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The End of Summer [A Poem]

Boy Scouts - Gettysburg

The end of summer you’ve come so fast
You’re just never long enough; you just never last

Tomorrow will bring a new season to us
And some will be happy and some will fuss

But I’m a believer that change is for the best
That we need the fall, and we need some rest

From the heat of your sun, and the shade we have sought
For a new set of troubles, in the rain you have fought

We’ll see God’s creation as it changes and goes
From the green of the summer, to the fall color shows

With it’s new cloudy days and the cool in the air
We’ll forget you summer, without even a care

And when we think that we’re happy you’re gone
Please return quickly, so we can play on the lawn

- “The End of Summer” by Shay Thomason

By Shay

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