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I have to remind myself constantly that the world doesn’t revolve around me…though I sure like to think it does. But only by God’s grace can I slay the dragon in my heart that the Bible calls pride.

There’s a good piece from Newsweek that I think we all should read called “Generation Me” which basically discusses the fact that we’re just all about ourselves these days. Here’s a snippet of a key sentence and a link from the article (the whole article is only 6 paragraphs — quick, easy read):

“…as Jean Twenge and W. Keith Campbell point out in their excellent book “The Narcissism Epidemic,” released last week, we’ve built up the confidence of our kids, but in that process, we’ve created a generation of hot-house flowers puffed with a disproportionate sense of self-worth (the definition of narcissism) and without the resiliency skills they need when Mommy and Daddy can’t fix something.”

Read the full article from Newsweek here.

In a related story, a mom got upset this week when Disneyland wouldn’t allow MTV to film her daughters $150,000 quinceañera. Here’s a quote from the daughter:

“Who is Disney to say, ‘No,’ because we’re paying them,” Kreuger said. “I really want Disney to see the stress they caused. All my life I wanted to have a big quince, and MTV has the big shows and all the drama, and I wanted that too.

I sent in, like, two videos — I was trying really hard, and they liked me,” Krueger continued. “It gets me so mad that they’re not going to do this MTV thing.”

It’s a true story, but if seeing is believing then click here.

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I think the sense of entitlement is what really gets me. We think that we should be given so much. This young lady is tripp’in, for sure. But I know that deep down I want to throw fits when I don’t get my way also : ) Thanks for sharing this Shay.

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