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Easter Sunday

I know it’s been over a week, but I had a few photos from Easter I thought I’d share.

Here’s us in our Easter outfits. Bethany thought it would be fun if I wore a suit, so I Twittered about it and went for it!
Easter Outfits

Adam (our brother) on the other hand was having struggles with is Easter attire

We went over to a friend’s house and enjoyed a meal together. This is Mike cutting the bestest Easter turkey. I’m not sure if turkey is a traditional Easter food, but it was enjoyable!
Mike Cutting the Turkey

Just another shot of the turkey… for good measure.
Mmmmm Turkey!

Turkey + Golf on TV = Snooze Fest for the Fellas
Snooze Fest

While the guys slept I enjoyed a Coke… nothing special here, but I was only guy not sleeping so I had to do something.
A Free Coke

Finally (and I try and save the best for last), a shot of the wives cleaning up! They’re so nice…
The Girls Chatting and Cleaning Up

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