The Tongue 2.0

The Tongue 2.0
Everything in the internet and tech world is in version 2.0. There’s Facebook 2.0, iPhone 2.0, and the nerds even call the whole thing Web 2.0 now. The basic idea is that these technologies and services have grown and been upgraded to the point where they are no longer an intro “1.0” version, but now the new and improved “2.0”. This may be an easy way to label upgrades to features in Facebook or the iPhone, but this same label can be applied to more than just social networking. It’s also my way of describing the change that has occurred in the use our tongues, or more specifically how our tongues are now our keyboards.

Often I find that I’ll jump on to Twitter or Facebook, or glance at a comments section on a blog only to see Christians using their tongues in ways they shouldn’t. Maybe it’s a Facebook status with a complaint about a teacher or how their day is going. Sometimes it’s a Twitter update that just doesn’t reflect the character of Christ. Other times it’s a “Relationship Status” update that gets everybody talking and often leads to gossip. No matter what it is, it doesn’t make sense. James would remind us this way “With the keyboard tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same keyboard mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be” (James 3:9-10).

Starting here I was going to break-in to a rather intense Biblical discussion on why it is that I continue to see people using their keyboards to complain, tear each other down, disrespect other people, gossip, or to sum up — sin. But after reading a few other wiser men on the topic I honestly felt that they did a better job of communicating exactly what I was thinking on this subject. If I could, I would like to forward you on from here to read this article from Jay Younts on The Shepherd Press Blog. Though he’s specifically talking about Facebook, I think this article does a great job of communicating the Biblical truths concerning the tongue, as well as what it is that is supposed to be coming out of the mouths of Christians. My hope is that it will encourage and convict your heart and that it would remind all Christians that even our keyboards need to glorify the Lord.

References and Wiser Men:
Facebooking For Jesus - Pastor Scott’s Blog @ Shoreline Church, Los Angeles
Facebook and You - Jay Younts @ The Shepherd Press Blog

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