A Few Guilty Pleasures

There are always things in life that bring me joy, even when I don’t always want to admit it. Here’s a few guilty pleasures I realized I have had of late:

1. Hannah Montana (The TV Show)
Seriously though, if you’re not watching this show…you’re missing out. It’s witty, funny, and if you’re looking to understand youth culture I’d say this is the show for you. Plus, it’s got one-hit-wonder Billy Ray Cyrus as himself — that should be reason enough to start getting up before 10am on Saturday. I can’t help it, I watch Hannah Montana and I think it’s funny. Hannah lives the dual life of normal Miley Cyrus and famous performer Hannah Montana. Her brother is always getting in to trouble, but somehow manages to smooth things over with his charm. Billy Ray is your average dad, trying to keep his house under control. And finally, the co-stars (all the kids’ friends) are awesome — they couldn’t have done a better job casting for that show (Rico (the beach store owner) is one of my favorite characters). Hannah Montana is a clean, fun show for the whole family and it’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

2. The Song “Defying Gravity” From The Wicked Soundtrack
Bethany and went and saw “Wicked” in Los Angeles about a month ago and it was absolutely incredible. It’s easily one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. But the song “Defying Gravity” is one of the best songs of the play. It’s got a touch of early 90’s but a build up on the chorus that I just can’t get enough of. I actually find myself singing “I’m defying gravity!” as drive my 98 Jetta while simultaneously believing that it will magically take off from the Earth in beautiful song. I know it’s not as cool as witch and her broom stick, but hey…can’t a guy dream?

3. Tabatha’s Salon Takeover
Tabatha is the drill-sergeant of hair stylists. By her own admittance, she’s the best…and her show is just flat out entertaining. She walks in the salons, tells everyone they stink at their jobs (in an Australian accent), shows people how to do hair and run a salon, makes the salon owners actually show some leadership, remodels the salons and in a weeks time the bad stylists are out, the good stylists are in, and everyone is happy. Well, then of course she comes back six weeks later to make sure they haven’t messed it all up again. It’s a great show. Postmodernists probably hate this show because she tells people when they’re wrong and that’s why I love it. Sure, I know it’s about hair styling and everything, but I’m totally into it. The truth is, I work for Paul Mitchell. No, I don’t cut and style hair, but I have an ever growing appreciation for what stylists do and Tabatha is there to make sure they keep doing it… and as my mom would say “You go girl.”

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