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Good Times
June is here — summer is upon us. Like many of you, I love summer. Of course, summer used to be way cooler when you didn’t have to work and you just hung out with your friends all day, but such is life — now I work full time. But these 40 hour work weeks won’t keep me from enjoying American consumerism. You might call this my list of non-eternals, but here’s a few things that are going to be fabulous this year:

June 3rd | New Weezer album, The Red Album
June 13th | Dizmas concert
June 15th | My birthday falls on Father’s Day! I will only be celebrating my birthday so don’t start any rumors.
June 17th | New Coldplay album, Viva la Vida
June 27th | Movie - Wall-E

July 3rd | Movie - Hancock
July 18th | Movie Batman: The Dark Knight

August 8th - 24th | The Summer Olympics in Beijing! Already setting my TiVo for a few soccer matches.
August 30th | Sister-in-law getting married. Means a trip to the great northwest.

I can’t wait.

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