Dizmas – Yours (Live Acoustic)

Tonight my Dizmas boys were on the radio back east. Of course, I listened in via this thing called the internet. We decided we would record it for future posterity. Oh, and one more thing… Zach give us a shout out at the end. Yeah…. we’re friends.

Dizmas Playing Live on WJTL - FM 90.3 (4/17/2008) from Shay on Vimeo.

I added “Play It Safe” which Dizmas performed live as well. Click here to check it out!

Let's discuss.
  1. the singer says:

    It sounds like the lead singer was off a bit but I still love his voice, he’s good looking, and he sounds really nice. You have a good friend. ;)

  2. Someone says:

    Man…great!..can you send me tabs or chords for this song please?

  3. Someone says:

    my email SSIWEK@seznam.cz
    please chords:)

  4. Shu Min says:

    I love this song! Sounds kinda muffled. I hope they’ll release a studio acoustic of this beautiful song. I’m looking for the chords as well.

  5. cody says:

    amazing song!!! man i would love the chords to this!! could you please mail them to me?? @ nail_scarred_hands@yahoo.com. i’d be very grateful. God bless

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