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Music is something I love. I grew up oldies, got stuck in a country phase, played in a few rock bands, and pretty much listen to everything now. I think Madonna said it best when she said, “Music makes the people come together.” Honestly I wouldn’t normally quote Madonna, but I think she’s right. Music does make the people come together. When I got to church on Sunday we sing. When I go to a concert, other people show up. And when I had an idea for a music review website… it brought some people together as well.

For the past 2 years my friend Abe and I have been working on a website dedicated to our love for albums, concerts, bands, and pretty much anything music. I think the idea popped in my brain when I didn’t want to blog on Shaycam about all the music and bands I love because I didn’t feel it was the purpose of Shaycam. But after a few conversations and a lot of thinking and planning our idea started to come to life. I must give Abe the credit for being the hands of this project as I’m not much of a web designer… I dabble. Abe on the other hand rocks the planet and knows lots of talented people and is highly gifted and talented designer.

So it is with great pleasure that I formally announce the launch of our “other” little space on the web. We hope you enjoy it and as well we hope it will be a resource for you when it comes to all things music. It’s called Evade the Noise and I think you’ll like it.

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