The Down Don’t Frown

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As is common on most Easter Sunday’s, they are spent with family. This Easter was no different for me as my sister and her son came to visit us and go to church. Unfortunately we didn’t make it into church because Jason (pictured above) wasn’t feeling well or just wasn’t feeling the new surroundings he was in. But that was OK, we just went to lunch and enjoyed being together.

I was thinking about him (Jason) though, and I sort of came to a funny conclusion. You see, Jason has Down Syndrome. Apparently they say that Down babies are usually the happiest babies. According to my sister that has been true for Jason. Though he’s not quite a baby at 4 years old, he really is a happy kid. But here was my thought. I know that the term “Down” comes from a guy’s last name, but it usually has kind of a negative connotation. For instance, you might say “he is just feeling down right now” about a friend who is maybe sad or frustrated. But this isn’t the case with my nephew. His “Down” doesn’t make him frown. He is a happy little guy. Yeah, sure, he has his moments, but generally he just loves life. He loves to play, just like the other kids. That’s probably why we took him to the park today and just jumped around on the playground. It was a great time, and as you can see above, Jason was loving it too!

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Aww, Jason’s so cute! I saw him yesterday on the way back from Sunday School when you guys were by the stairs.

Great picture, he looks like a really fun kid.

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