Overcast Sky And Apple Pie

Storm in the Skies, originally uploaded by shaycam.

If you haven’t been over to Marie Callender’s and purchased one of their 5.99 pies, you better hurry. The offer ends March 4th, and the sale is only semi-annual. The pie will actually cost you 6.99 because you pay for the tin. But if you bring the tin back you’ll get your buck back. I just finished enjoying my apple pie slice and mmmm it was delicious!

The sky today was neat. It’s sort of overcast, or mostly cloudy and I’m digging it. I wish it would start raining though. We need rain in southern California right now. It’s been a pretty dry winter and well, I just want it to rain. In my mind, having overcast skies without rain is like having a cheap pie sale and no one taking advantage of it. I know this has been a short post, but my “lunch break” is coming to an end. It’s funny to call it a “lunch break” when I work at home, but oh well. I guess it keeps me humble, I dunno?

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Hey I just noticed you had a flicker thingy for your photos. You are a really talented photographer! When I got to your self portrait shots though I had to laugh. Kind of looked like mug shots. ;)

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