Soccer: The Sport America Has Always Hated

Over the weekend I realized that I hadn’t really shared about my love for soccer. It all really stems from the countless hours and games I have played since I was just a little kid. As most kids do, I started by playing in AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization). I only bring this up because I watching the MLS CUP on my TiVo the other day and I realized that they didn’t really have televised, English speaking games on regular television (in America) when I was a kid. They didn’t have major sponsorships or half time shows. But as I watched the MLS CUP, which was in Frisco, Texas, I realized things have changed. Though I don’t believe soccer will ever be as big as baseball or basketball in America, I do believe it is making a “comeback” so to speak. The stadium in Texas was packed and then the band Under The Influence of Giants played a song during the halftime show. It was very interesting as well that the people at Adidas are marketing teams with indie bands. They have these things called “MLS Mashups” which they take indie music and make soccer videos to accompany the music. So, all that to say, I think someone in the soccer world is doing a great job of bringing this sport to the American culture. Soccer has always been the “world’s sport”, but has never gone far in America. I guess I am just saying that I think we will be seeing more soccer in America in the next few years. And to that I say, “heck yes.” I love soccer. It just makes sense to me. No stoppage time for commercials, no wimpy know it alls, 90 minutes of running, and no cheerleaders.

Soccer: My favorite past time.
Here’s some of the best goals of 2006:
(this is not one of the mashups from above, just a video someone put together on YouTube)

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Hmmm…you’d think since the stadium that the MLS finals were played in is down the street from Clint’s parents in Frisco that we would have taken more interest in the finals. Sorry to let you down.
-The ‘O’ from OTB

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