November And Counting

I like November. It’s just an interesting month to me. Really, I like the first day of November. It’s like the only month that I almost always remember the first day of. I think I even had a blog about it last year. November is always the month we are all trying to get through. Cause we all know that if we make it to the third week of November we’ll find a few days off of work and school and then BAM!, one month later, Christmas. As well, November marks the end of carving pumpkins, Halloween costumes and generally the colors orange and black. The only carving you’ll be seeing is the mom’s across the country that are getting ready to make pumpkin pie, mmmm… pumpkin pie. Then they’ll be some mom’s who will actually roast the pumpkin seeds and throw salt all over them, mmmm.. pumpkin seeds. And for you Starbucks lovers, the first week of November marks the beginning of ALL the Christmas stuff. As a previous Starbucks employee for 4 years, I saw many store Christmas turnovers. Everyone will go and see what kind of special gifts Starbucks will have this year. They’ll even have Christmas music to please your Christmas spirit for 2 whole months. Yeah yeah, go ahead, get your Egg Nog Latte, oh and don’t forget your pumpkin scone! And don’t be suprised if you are asked if you would like to buy and Espresso Machine ($399) or a pound of coffee while you’re there.

November, what a month! I’m sure it gets sad sometimes because people forget about it. I mean, they remember Thanksgiving, but they are probably all too busy shopping and trying to finish out the year right at work, that it just because becomes the month that gets us to December, almost like a bridge from October. Don’t forget November this year. Enjoy it. Relax a bit. December will come, and then we’ll really be in for it. Alright, now go take on the new month!

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