Catch One For The Fishes

On The Dock Of The Bay, originally uploaded by shaycam.

I saw this kid on the fence at the San Clemente Pier. Makes me happy that he’s trying to catch his own lunch. I guess you need to start em’ early.

I had a good weekend. Bethany’s brother and a friend came from the Marines and stayed at our apartment. It was a good time. After staying up late and eating cookies, we awoke the next day and drove a long time. We took those Marines back to their base near San Diego and made a stop at the San Clemente Pier which was fun. We just walked around and I got to take pictures for like an hour. I was stoked. I guess that’s really the summary. I really like I’m putting the cam back into shaycam these days. I don’t want to post a blog without a good picture anymore. I mean, I live in the 21st century and my mind is a visual mind. I want to see everything. I don’t just want want to read the story, I want to see the pictures. It makes sense to me.

Ok, getting to bed is the priority. I haven’t been blogging at night, but this just felt right. (that rhymed so it had a “lyrical” feel to it… excellent). Ok, onward to my dreams.

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