I Wish We All Could Win

I received something via UPS yesterday. It’s fun. It takes pictures. It’s a camera.

I like my new camera. I enjoying seeing the world through it’s lens. Sometimes I feel as though a camera should be attached to me wherever I go. It just feels at times I need to take a picture or something. Maybe that’s why I’m shayCAM.

It’s been too hot lately. Seriously, I went outside at like 9:30 this morning to take something to the post office and I’m using my AC in my car. Then I felt I needed a Slurpee so I went to 7-11 and picked one up. It’s really hot. They say California is in trouble. Too much power being used to cool us down. It’s a funny thing to me. We rely on the fact that not everyone will use their power at the same time. So then we overload the power grids when we all want our living spaces nice and cool. Sounds to me like whoever designed this power grid did it during the winter, forgetting about the hot hot hot summer. Nevermind the power.. aghh.

Here’s a cop at 7-11. Honestly, I felt safer.

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