What About Integrity?

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The other day my wife and I were watching a new show called “Treasure Hunters” which we are really excited about. The first week of the show had a lot of hype and we were excited about it. The basic premise of the show is that all these teams are out to find treasure worth millions and there are clues all around the United States (If you have seen “National Treasure” it has the same concept). Yet when they were introducing the contestants of the show we were intrigued to see that a pastor, his wife, and his daughter were a team in the competition. As a Christian it is always intriguing to see when other claiming Christians are on TV shows, especially reality type shows.

That’s when we saw the above clip. It was actually the first interview they showed of the “Fogal Family.” To be perfectly honest, it really made me mad. I didn’t even really want to blog about it, but I feel it is necessary to say where I stand on this issue, the issue being integrity. In the above clip you will see that Brad says that they are basically willing to lie to get ahead in the game. In fact, he goes as far as to say that they can “ask for forgiveness later”.. and “.. I don’t think we’re beyond that.” You don’t think you’re beyond that?! Did Brad leave his faith at the door? I am really not one to try and bring down someone or publicly shame them, but this man is a preacher of the Word of God and that’s pretty serious. In fact, it’s a lot more serious than the millions of dollars he has a chance to win. Why did he compromise? That’s my question. I guess my heart is really in tune to this lately as we have been studying the life of Daniel in church. Daniel was such a man of integrity that even when it meant his certain death, he did not compromise. Even when it meant he would lose face in front of the entire kingdom, he did not compromise. Even when it meant he would lose his job, he did not compromise. And even when it meant he would be thrown into a den of lions, he did not compromise. But the Lord blessed Daniel. Daniel was saved from the mouths of lions and saved from the hands of evil men.

When someone compromises they lose any integrity they once had. Though this man Brad may be a long time pastor and preacher of God’s Word, the entire nation now knows that he is willing to lie to get ahead. He is willing to openly break God’s law for the sake of some gold coins. I am the first to admit that I am not perfect and won’t be until Jesus Christ returns, but I understand the job of any pastor or man in leadership or any Christian for that matter. When Brad made that statement he not only brought a reproach upon himself, but upon other Christians as well. Because of his position (as a pastor) he is usually seen as the “elite” or “MVP” of the Christian faith, and when he decides to toss his integrity in one sentence it doesn’t really help those other Christians who are trying to walk rightly and witness to their friends.

Let me finish with this. In Proverbs 25:26 it reads, “Like a trampled spring and a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.” Basically, it’s saying the person who compromises (“gives way before the wicked”) is useless. It describes this person in the terms “polluted well” or “trampled spring.” A well that has been polluted is no good. It might have been a great source of nourishment and refreshment before, but now it is dangerous to drink because of the pollution. If you are reading this and you are brother or sister in Christ, hold fast to your integrity like the men and women who have done so before us. The Lord will bless you and even a chest of gold isn’t worth the loss of your integrity and God’s blessing.

PS. A link to Brad Fogal’s bio can be found here.

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Dude, that’s jacked up. If you just looked at his bio he looks like he would be a pretty solid guy, but how could you go on a national show, letting everyone know that you’re a pastor and then say stuff like that. That’s ridiculous.

i thought about you this morning in youth group with the message. I read your post on friday and i thought huh that is interesting and then this post…it seemed like the perfect way to top off the lying seris.

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