12 States to Glory

No, that’s not “12 Steps to Recovery”! It’s actually 2 friends of my wife and I that are on there way to Florida in a truck they call “Baby”. It’s a great blog for those of you wanting to watch the progress of 2 girls in a small blue truck make their way across the nation. Hilarious at times even! The basic plot is they are driving a truck from western Washington state to Florida to deliver it to some missionaries in the Bahamas. The truck is full of stuff for the missionaries and when they drop it off they are going to fly back. It’s a good time, and you read their progress across the 12 states they drive through. Check it out at 12 States to Glory. If Tony the Tiger was here he would say, “They’re Greeeeeeeeat!”

Oh, and one more thing. I was concerned today when my weather widget showed this on my desktop this morning.

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