My RAZR and Me

evade-razr.jpgI got a replacement RAZR phone this week because my other one had this weird buzzing noise everytime I talked to someone. It was really annoying, and I can’t really explain what it sounded like, but just trust me. Anyways, I was already thinking about making some modifications to my phone before I got my new one, but I thought this new one would let me start anew!

So basically, I “unbranded” my phone. When you get a RAZR phone from Cingular it has the Cingular logo all over it. But I decided I was already paying them too much money and I didn’t want to advertise for them anymore, so I would simply promote my own ventures. That’s why the pic above has a new logo in it (more info to come).

I also made some changes to the menu which had “Shop Cingular” and all this other junk. Now it’s actually all back to the factory default which I’m stoked about.

Oh, and here’s another pic, which I thought was great. Ok, better get back to business, see yah.

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