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ipoddizmasmilk.jpgMy researchers tell me this my 101th blog. Now, that doesn’t count the many previous “blogs” I did in high school which I aptly called my “journal”. Oh man, those were the days. I had the blogsophere all to myself. Not anymore of course. Now I compete with hundreds of thousands of blogs throughout the internet galaxy. Such a sad commentary in our times.

Bethany and I went to a concert last night in Ventura (pictured center, left). That is the best man in my wedding with his microphone around his neck and his hands in the air. Behind him you see his drummer, Clayton, just going nuts. I love it. The concert was small in nature, but it was a good time to hang with the guys from Dizmas and my best friend Zach. They are great guys. While there I saw a band on the scene called Until June. Those guys are neat. They are from Los Angeles, which is also quite neat of them.
Have I mentioned that my parents are moving to Elizabethtown? Isn’t that punk rock? If you haven’t seen that movie, it’s kind of funny, but I loved the soundtrack. Bethany and I might be heading back there near the end of April to check out the sites and visit with the parental units. You just never know, Shaycam on the road, I love it (times 2).

Spent some time this morning on Kaboodle. It seems to be some sort of bookmark collaborator, slash, community (which seems to be the way of the internet right now). If you go there, do a search for shaycam. You just might find me…oooo …ahhh…

I am enjoying my 3 song ep from until june right now, I better go.

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