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Shaycam from the beaches of Monterery, CA. I took this pic a few months back when I went to Spirit West Coast to see my friends in Dizmas.

Bethany told me she wouldn’t mind moving to Monterey some day. I laugh at those kind of comments because I really don’t know a person today that wouldn’t mind moving there either. It’s nothing against Bethany; I’m sure it’s a great place to live, yet a bit expensive. Anyways..

I realized today that I don’t comment a ton of the amount of music I listen to. I seriously listen to music like a crazy person. My friend Zach supplies me with bands by the dozens and I spend a good 3 months listening to those before talking to him about more that I can take on. But today I am thinking about something I am actually listening to as I type. Whether or not you’ve seen, like, or don’t want to see the movie Elizabethtown, you need to buy the soundtrack. I’m serious. I’m really enjoying it. A little Tom Petty, a little Eastmountainsouth, and a little bit of Elton John. It doesn’t matter whether you like the artists, you can just like the songs. Quite honestly you might need to go out on a limb right now in your music listening lifestyle. So many times I talk to kids and they have no understanding of the music in the world. I feel sad for them. There is so much out there. There’s something for everyone. The internet provides numerous outlets for such endeavors. Allow me to help you.

If you enjoy some serious 80’s music. Goto ACCURadio and click on “Flock of Eighties” towards the bottom left. In a matter of seconds you will be listening to favorite tunes which should last all day because there are no commercials and its free (no stupid sign up!). (ok seriously, this site is incredible. You have to check it out)

If you want the more band and independent feel go to PureVolume and find the style you want and start searching for the bands that fit your mold. I’ve discovered some great bands a this site and it’s fun for the whole family!

And if you are looking to do a checking accoun clean out, then dowload Itunes and start buying music and suppor those artists that you listen to everyday. Even the ones you don’t tell anyone about. (for its its Hanson with their ssong “A Song To Sing”… what can I say? It’s a good it a guilty pleasure)

So… that should get you started. Listen to more music. I mean.. its just good. Music makes me happy, and maybe you’ll find something that makes you happy too.

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ShayCam lives! Yeah! I was seriously going through withdrawals - ha ha. Oooh what’s SnapSite? Um and your link to my site is wrong - its - but nothing interesting is up yet so just add a “/blog” and your life will be complete. Not really.

Right on about music - I’m starting to get into funk from the 70’s and 80’s - lovein’ it!

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