Double Tall Vanilla Mocha

That’s just what I’m drinking right now. It’s one of my favorite drinks. I usually am not the sweet coffee drinker, but today is a different day. Not because something crazy is going on, but because it’s just another day. I woke up this morning before my alarm went off. And it wasn’t just like 10 minutes before, it was an hour before. I didn’t really understand why. But I just got up anyways.

After taking a shower and getting ready for the day, I opened my Bible to Psalm 111 and 112. I heard these verses preached a two weeks ago at church by a guest speaker. I have been impacted by them and that sermon since then. The whole point of Psalm 111 is that the Lord is worthy to praised, and the reasons why. And then Psalm 112 talks about how we know the Lord need to fear God. I just read through these passages a few times and began to just pray. The past couple of weeks I found myself starting to become almost distant from reading my Bible and praying, and that is usually the beginning of trouble. Once I finished praying I picked up the only Puritan book I have called, “The Godly Man’s Picture.” It is truly a great book and I would suggest it to any Believer looking to understand their stance before God and what looks like. That was just my morning.. now I’m at work drinking my mocha and waiting for clock to get close to 10:00am so I can go to work.

Work isn’t my favorite place, I’ll be honest. Enough said. Well, I must get ready to spend the next 6 hours counting money and give my Starbucks store a bath (cleaning). It seems today that my blog will be done before my mocha, but I guess that’s ok, I have a few sips left.

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hows life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
hope alls going well

you seemed a little stressed when you were asked when your wedding was on sunday night…lol

God is the great anti-stress
and anti-depressant


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