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Finally, a chance to update.

It’s been a few long couple of weeks as I have transitioned from school to basically full-time work. My third year of college is offically over. Doesn’t seem that I started that long ago, but it’s true. Summer is in full swing. I’m taking a post-session class so I can graduate early. It’s a pretty sweet class. It’s Christian Theology II. You’ll see some more about that class in the next day or two. I am actually in the process of creating another blog for that class (more to come).

I’m living with some friends right now and it’s been fun. They live within walking distance from my job so I have been just walking to work. It’s seriously the chill lifestyle. I get up at like 3:30am to open sometimes and just pop in my Ipod and walk. I can usually get through 1 1/2 - 2 songs before I get there, so I have to choose wisely. Ok, let me just make my statement concerning my Ipod. It’s seriously one of the coolest things I own right now. I know that I’m probably lame or something because I just got one and I’m behind the times. But I can thank the federal government for buying it for me (tax return :)) Anyways, it’s a 30G IPod Photo. It’s so sweet. I bought the camera attachmetn and now I can take my digital anywhere and never have to worry about running out of space for pictures. All that to say, I’m stoked about it.

My birthday is in less than a month. I’m still young, 20 years old. I’ll be 21 on the 15th of June. So leave me a message, tell me what you kids are up to. peace.

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That is great Shay!

I wish I was as prepared for life as you are right now.

You are a super awesome guy, I’ll see you around!

shay you are tooo coolio. ha ha the ipod deal is fantastic. Usually what most teenagers now in days dance down to on their next class anyway. YeS ur b-day is coming up….hmmm this will be interesting. Teehee im just kidding. it will be a grand day cuz well duh its ur b-day! Thanks for showing me the “dizmas” site…they sound too cool for me to pass up…so i think i will just take that advice and walk on down and get that cd! Cant wait! Anyways buddy take care and see ya around!

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