I Just Love Rainy Days

I can’t help it, I love rainy days. They are the best. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the desert and we didn’t see much rain, and this year we’re experiencing so much rain it’s amazing. I woke up this morning to a drizzle, and it’s still drizzling as we speak. It’s so nice. Reminds me of our great God and Savior. He created every little rain drop, and he knew where each one would drop. He knew that I would think about Him when I saw His creation. I just love rainy days.

It’s been a great last couple of weeks, but I am been very busy with school ending. This week is finals week and then I have to move out of my apartment (dorm). Bethany graduates on Saturday, that’s kind of crazy, but it should be fun. We’re doing well. It’s great to be engaged! We are really enjoying it and can’t wait to be married.

Yesterday I slept a lot. It was actually kind of weird. I slept like 9 hours on Saturday night and on Sunday afternoon I took a nap on a friends couch for a few hours I guess it was. I’m not sure if I am sick or something and so I am pretty tired. I think I am eternally sick though. Seriously, ever since high school I have been the most sick person alive. Ok, that’s probably an exaggeration, but if some kind of new sickness comes you can guarantee that I will have it. It can get pretty annoying. Actually, I’m tired right now, I think I’m going to go take a nap.

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One reply on “I Just Love Rainy Days”

dude i like rainy days
but i hate just overcast days
i can never tell what time of day it it

any way im dead tired also
i took the AP bio test today

brain fried and tiredly yours,
matt lussier

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