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I was thinking maybe I could do a Sunday devotional since today is the Lord’s day. Maybe just recap what I learned in church this morning.

We have been studying the book of James in our Sunday morning services and it has been a great study thus far. Today we were hitting on Chapter 2:25-26. My pastor did a great job of finishing the topic of faith and works which is what the second part of chapter 2 is talking about. Really, if you look at the book it lays out four examples of people of the faith in times past that have had a balance of their faith and works. Specifically we talked about the fourth example this morning of Rahab and how she hid the spies in faith that she would be protected (see Joshua 2 for the whole story of “Rahab’s Courageous Act”). But it was her faith that was put in to action with the work that she did in hiding the spies that Joshua had sent out. Scott, my pastor said this, “Faith comes first, then works.”

The basic point this morning had two parts, and it really sums up the entire subject of faith and works.
1. That it is by grace we have been saved, through faith, in Christ. (Eph. 2:8-9, Acts 16:31)
2. Salvation by faith alone, is never alone! We can profess to know the Savior, but with no works, it is dead! (James 2:14,18,20, and 26)

If we are professing believers our lives should look like it. We can not profess to know Jesus Christ, and not do what he says in the Word of God.

These are great truths for the church to be reminded of.

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