Maybe This Christmas Eve…

I’ve been awake for about 19 hours now. My eyes are heavy. I’ve been playing on my computer and uploading pics and doing whatever. People are messaging me and I’m responding, but I’m not sure what I am saying at this point.

Christmas is in an hour. I mean ,it might as well be Christmas right now. But you know for sure that hundreds of thousands of kids rest gently in their beds waiting for that moment when their eyes open and the day is anew. xmas.jpgThey run to their parents to wake them up, or some might just run for the tree to see the new boxes that lay at the bottom. Soon the presents will open and the kids will play all day with their new toys. Some will get presents they don’t like, but they’ll be the coolest presents for one day.

I remember those days. Everything is so complicated now. Nothing is like it was. I mean, sure I’ll get up, whenever my body wakes up. I won’t be rushing for the tree though. Actually, I think I have one gift under there and it’s unwrapped right now. haha. seriously. No suprises here. I guess I’m rambling. Well, whatever. xmasevesunset.jpgI took this picture as the sun was going down. I thought you kids might like it. It’s the Christmas Eve sunset in the desert, beautiful. So as my Christmas Eve sunset goes down to rest, so do I. And tomorrow you’ll be reading this and thinking.. hhm.. I wonder if Shay’s up yet?

Merry Christmas kids.

By Shay

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Yo Sherman,

I feel you on the long days. Hang in there my man. Like we were talking about - you get a couple days off!!! Yeah for that!
Years are like days. Better ones are to come! God has great things waiting for us and I am just excited to be able to do it together. If not directly at least by hearing about good things about you.

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