Forecast For L.A. And Seattle: Rain

Rain.. that’s what I’ve been seeing for a few days now and it makes me very happy… maybe if it rains long enough they will cancel class! That happened my freshman year, it was awesome. ok check it. I’m heading to Seattle tomorrow to check out a seminary and the forecast.. rain. I’m totally pumped right now. my roommate and I are going and we’re meeting one of my friends who is already up there. It should be a good time. My CT scan went well, but I won’t find anything out until monday, so that’s kind of a bummer. but hey.. I’m getting sleepy and I have to do a little packing tomorrow, so if I don’t have time to update while I’m in Washington, you kids have a good weekend. peace

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dude, hope your trip in seattle is so wicked awesome.
i really have nothing else to say. 
 — slovek

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