The Poetry That Is My Life

This is the poetry that is my life. Tonight I went to my girlfriends pad and we took some photos. it was good time. I read like 25 pages of one of my books and she slept for 20 minutes, she twitched twice. I’m still sick, but i’m finally getting in to see a doctor tomorrow. That should be good. It’s a new doctor so I hope that he is a good one.. lol. ok.. so… I went to band practice tonight at church and my friends were there.. and they were playing music. |And there was this one guy and he was mashing the tiny strings on the electric, that was cool. I played drums. Our drummer broke himself, kind of like that movie about the band, so i’m filling in. At any rate.. I’ve got to do some homework and maybe drive back to my girlfriends and get my book that i forgot. ok.. enough about me. what about you?

By Shay

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Oh Snizap! This site is wicked hot! And shay is sick! What? Lookout! Virutitus!!!!!

-The Hann

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