Shaycam Blog?

What?.. What the heck happend to shay’s witty site with all this awsome some stuff!? Seriously, the site that he never updated!? Where the heck is it?!..

Well.. it’s on a vacation. Ok? Geeze. Calm down! At least I’m updating this stuff! Hope you like the new lineup!

By Shay

A little bit, a little bit more.

2 replies on “Shaycam Blog?”

I Love the new design of I especially like the template. Hey Sherman - were did you get it? LOL Well I’ll definetly be back for more!

- Abe

P.S. The old Shay Cam needed a vacation. It has been working none stop for almost 3 years. Many memories!


To be completly honest I have not visited shaycam in a long time, and I regret it. Next time your down in Lancaster look me up and we’ll do something. Do me a favor go here, , download, and post a comment. I respect what you have to say artisitcally. And tell Abe he did a great job in posting it. Amen?

Michael Murray

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