September 27th, 2003 11:42PM

This is my life. It’s a site really dedicated to very person that I am…. Shay.

oh man, is it good to be back or what?.. I see some kids have found their way back to my site which is so full of amazing things.. like.. pics of me.. and then.. some of these witty journals. well.. that’s all really, but it’s good. So let me give you the updates..

This summer I went to WA as most most of you know.. I worked at camp, it was really cool. I played music for kids every day and we sang songs and had fun. :). Then I came home and now I’m back at Master’s and I’m working at Starbucks again! oh man, I opened a new store, it’s a drive-thru. it’s fun. I get paid pretty good money to make coffee for people. Plus, it’s fun. So now I’m sitting here on my bed and I’m about to go to sleep cause tomorrow I have to wake up and drive like an hour or something down to Fullerton. I’m going to lead music for EV Free Fullerton Church and it should be a good time praising Jesus. oh…. and that reminds me. I finally declared my major.. I’m now officially a “Christian Education and Youth Ministry” major. It’s really cool.. kids are the best.. ok.. now my closing remarks.. “.. ain’t no party like a shaycam party”.. ok.. that was dumb.. oh well. see ya!


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