February 7th, 2003 9:26PM

You know what’s funny? This photo says nothing about the mood I’m in. I’m in a great mood, but there is something about black and white that just gets me every time. A picture says a thousand words right. Well, this picture is saying all lies, cause seriously, I LOVE BEING ALIVE!!!! YEAH!!

Classes have been going great! I’m actually working like 3 weeks ahead on some of these books I have to read for my Youth Culture class. I love that class, it freakin’ rules. Seriously, it’s like all the cool Youth Ministry kids came to one class and are hanging out and talking about youth culture, I love it. My roommate and a bunch of my friends are taking it too, so that’s rockin’ and rollin’. uh?.. what else. I think about love a lot. I don’t know if it’s like love for a girl, or for God, or for my car, or something that’s material, but I think about it. I’m always thinking about things. Recently a friend pointed out that I always say stuff like “.. You know what’s weird.. ” and then I say something that I’ve been thinking about. It’s interesting, I do a lot of thinking. Which is a really good thing. I’m not just wasting my brain, I’m using it, and I’m thinking about things, even when they’re weird things, I’m still thinking. Think about it! :)

I don’t really know where that all came from, but I’m just typing. I’m listening to good music!! OH MAN! I almost forgot! So get this.. The other day at work I got a dollar bill that said “… follow me across the USA!!..” and I was like, ok?.. So I went to and it’s freakin’ great!! I typed in the serial number for my bill and stuff and I was the second person to do this certain dollar and the first person was some girl in Utah. Oh man, go there and check it out, it’s like my new favorite thing! I like it. ok, I’m done. bye.


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