July 24th, 2002 8:48 P.M.

“.. Dear Shay,
The sky is blue today with just a few small clouds and very little wind, but hot, so I am staying indoors…” - grandma Thomason.

I received a letter in the mail today from my grandma on my dad’s side. I have only ever gotten two letters from her in my entire life (18 years) and they have both come in the last two months. The first one was for graduation, and now this one. What I wrote above was how she started out the letter. It’s so funny, and really, I guess cute at the same time. I do not know why she has decided to write me, but I love it. She says in her letter that there were two people that were upset that they didn’t receive thank you cards from me for graduation. I really don’t know who she is talking about? But it’s ok, she’s cool. When I opened the envelope the back of the paper read this “My hand got tired!” and it made me laugh.

There is so much simplicity in a grandma. Yet, they are so complicated at the same time. It’s weird that we get to grow up to meet our parents’ parents. You know? I never really got to know mine very well and I regret that. But I guess it really didn’t have much to do with me, considering it’s pretty much up to your parents whether or not you get to see your grandparents or not. But it’s ok, I guess. I’ll get over it.

Today has been an interesting day. I have been awake for just about 18 hours now. I had to wake up really early to be to work by 4AM. So, needless to say it’s been a long day. I’m in a calm mood, and I really don’t think that anything right now could happen that would really disturb me; I’ve been awake too long.

I guess my mind is starting to ponder things. Like why God lets things happen, or why we are tempted, or even why he would give us a way out our temptation. That’s the coolest thing ever. There is always a way out of any temptation, and God gives it to us. Don’t you think that is cool? Thanks for getting inside my head for 5 minutes, I don’t know if I’m worth that kind of time, but apparently if you got this far I am. See ya..


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