July 19th, 2002 4:47 P.M.

I know I haven’t written in a while, but I guess I just wanted to build up the suspense of what today is.


Yeah, so, isn’t that the coolest? I thought it was cool. So we should all throw a birthday party for me or something. Ah, maybe not. hhm.. maybe someone will throw me a surprise party?.. ok, that’s wishful thinking. But I just wanted to let you kids know that you are what makes shaycam possible. haha.. it’s great. You kids are awesome! Thanks for being faithful to find time to read my journals and take a peak in to my room at what I am doing. Soon I will be moving to a new location, so that should be kind of fun. College should be a blast! I really can’t wait, oh man. I’m going to be getting a new laptop and I’ll have this computer and stuff so we should be all set. Maybe I’ll buy another camera?.. hhm.. never know. I’ve always got some tricks up my sleeves. But that’s that.

I’ve really been doing good the last few days. Things are going well. I got paid today!! YEAH!! Getting paid is the coolest. It means I can buy stuff. Like right when I got my check I went over to the mall and bought Super Mario World 2 Advance!!! Oh man, you know the game. You probably remember it from Super Nintendo. It’s the one with Yoshi. Oh heck yeah. I like it a lot!! So I guess that’s my birthday present to myself. I think I should be getting my camera a birthday present. I have no clue how the heck that would work, but oh well. He still likes his little spot on top of my screen, and sometimes on my shelf. So that’s that. I’ve got some plans tonight so, I think I am going to go get started on those. haha.. I’m not sure what that means, but ok. You kids have a good July 19th! And yes, I know you will all be celebrating, so on behalf of everyone here at … Drink responsibly. haha.. (I don’t drink.. just to let you kids know that.. haha..) ok bye..


P.S. If you have any great shaycam pics that you have saved.. you should email them in.. I’ll put together another gallery or something.. ok?.. !! Send em’ over!!!

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