June 27th, 2002 9:27 P.M.

Hey kids. Shay here. Wait, you knew that.. ok let’s start over.

Hi everyone! Just thought that I’d say a little “hello” before writing. Sometimes you just gotta get that get those out there you know what I’m saying? But I what I first want to do is draw your attention to is the picture! Oh baby, check out that yawn. Are you yawning now? Just think about yawning and you will. haha.. ok that was fun.

Well, I finally did it; I earned myself a job. I just started work yesterday. I’m working at the local Starbucks here in town. It’s a pretty cool job, you learn a lot about coffee, and in some ways you learn how to drink it and distinguish it. Maybe now I’ll be this coffee freak? I don’t know? But that’s not all that Starbucks has. They’ve got other stuff too, but I really don’t feel like going in to detail about my job, haha. I don’t know why that’s funny? But mainly (at least for the last couple of days) that’s all I’ve really been doing.

Tonight there is a “praise and worship night” at my Bible teachers house. A bunch of us graduates are going to be there. It should be really cool. I love being a part of those, whether or not I’m playing guitar or not. It’s so cool to hear everyone singing so stinkin’ loud! What a blessing.

I guess that’s all for now. Just I’d tell ya I’m still alive. :) ok, peace out.


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