June 9th, 2002 11:36 P.M.

I don’t know. I was just sitting here thinking about things and I just thought maybe I’d write something kind of interesting this evening.

I was thinking about the word “imagine.” It’s kind of an interesting word in the fact that I can imagine anything I want about it. Or I can imagine anything I want about anything. Have you ever imagined something? Of course you have, but what was it like when you saw it for real? Did you ever imagine what it would be like to go on your first plane ride or get your first kiss? Maybe what it was like to drive a car for the first time or go to high school for the first day? Did it turn out like you’d hoped? Do you think your life has turned out like you hoped it would?

Because if it hasn’t, then you are missing something. Missing something important. Things happen every day to people, and we don’t’ know why. Innocent people are dieing and we don’t know why. Some of us don’t even care. It’s not because we’re insensitive (most of us), but just the fact that we weren’t there, or we didn’t hear about it or even just the plain and simple fact that it is happening every day so now we are just numb to it. Why are we doing this? What’s happening on this earth? Personally, I think that things are great! Yeah, sucky stuff happens, but time changes these things. People change these things.

I know I’m not a professional or whatever, but I really think that you should dig deeper in to this life. God has so much in store for you. All you have to do is ask Him to show you what that might be. Maybe you won’t find out right away, that’s ok, just pray hard, and stay focused. Be obedient. I have given my life to Jesus Christ. He is my rock. My hard place. I will continue to love his every command.

I don’t my thoughts are jumbled, I don’t even think any of this made sense. But you know what, it’s my life, my webpage, and another thing, I didn’t make you come here and read this. You did it on your own :)! But thanks, I need the support! Bye

email me sometime, i like to hear from you kids.


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