May 18th, 2002 3:10 P.M.

Cam… ShayCam

Oh man, wild times.
I can’t even begin to explain the amount of stuff I have been doing in the past few weeks. I’m sorry for not posting a journal, it’s just things have been going crazy around here. Let me start uh?.. here:

Well, about two Friday’s I lead worship at school for the very last time. It was sad, I was sad, just plain’ old sad. I really enjoyed myself though and it’s been a great year. But that’s that. Also, the Saturday after that, we did our play that I have been talking about for so long. It was a ton of fun, really enjoyed myself. We did a great job, and the overall opinion is that it was really good, so that’s cool.

Then, there’s this Friday (May 17th or yesterday). We had “senior chapel” at school. And that’s just where all the seniors get to run chapel. We had kids doing testimonies and things, and music and dancing, it was awesome, but once again, really sad. It’s all coming to an end. :( But that’s not all, there’s more!

So, yesterday was also our annual dance that is put on by the parents of our high school. Oh man, we had a blast! It was awesome. But we started the evening off with dinner with about 19 other people besides us. We went to a nice Italian restaurant. Very good! Then got to the dance about 9:00 and stayed until about 12:00. From there we all drove over to a friends house, hung out, relaxed, sang music, went swimming, etc. Around 3:30AM we started falling asleep at this house; all 20 or 30 of us. Then about 5:15AM someone went around waking people up to go to another friends house for breakfast! It was awesome, we were all tired and goofy and whatnot. But anyways, we ate, left, and then I got home about 8:00AM and fell asleep. Just got up about a half an hour ago. whew.. that was a lot, and that’s how things have been going. ok bye.


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