Christian Photographer Being Sued

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As I glanced through the headlines during my lunch break, I couldn’t help but be attracted to this one: “Christian Photographer Hauled before Commission for Refusing Same-Sex Job.” The basic gist is that this photographer in New Mexico refused to photograph a homosexual couple and now they are suing. All I have to say is…. woah.

The ramifications of this kind of lawsuit could be enormous, and quite scary. As a Christian and an aspiring photographer myself, I have actually asked myself that question: “What would I do if someone asked me to photograph a homosexual marriage?” But always my answer would be absolutely not. And I never though there would ever be any ramifications of denying someone my services. But if a case like this were to follow through, and this photographer lose… I would not longer be given the right to say no. To say that a private business couldn’t deny business based on her religious views — well, is flat out nuts. Does that mean that churches can’t deny same sex marriages? Does that mean that we should start tearing down the signs that read “no shoes, no shirt, no service” because they discriminate against shoeless and shirtless people? Honestly, I’ll be praying for this photographer. I’m sure she never thought, as I didn’t, that something like this could happen.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below, but be sure and read the article before you do.

Flickr + Library of Congress = Awesome Photography

I was so stoked about this that I had to tell everyone!

The Library of Congress and Flickr have teamed up to release some 3,000+ photos from their collection! The photos are available to see and comment on at .

I’m flippin’ stoked.

Read more about it here and here.

P.S. I love old planes!

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