Only a Man – Jonny Lang

I’ve probably listened to this song two dozen times and there is rarely a time I can finish it without my eyes welling up. Probably one of the clearest testimonies in song of God’s grace to broken and sinful man. Click here to start playing the song. Read the lyrics below.

Only A Man

I used to live my life in fear
Was worried all the time
From waking up to laying down
I had no peace of mind
The world became a darkened place
A struggle without end
Although bitter times those were
The days that I had began to understand
I was only a man

I grew up singing songs in church
With questions in my mind
Then turned my back and ran away
From God who gave me life
Then one night his presence fell
I wept and shook and then
I fell down and cried, Dear Jesus, rescue me again
I understand I am only a man

And He said, What will it be now?
Will you choose me or keep swimming up stream now?
I’ve been inside your head hearing you scream out.
Well here I am, just take my hand and I’ll take out
All of the pain and all of the fear
All of the fear

I’ll give you my burdens (I’ll give you peace)
All of my desires (I’ll give you what you need)
Oh, what about these chains, Lord? (I’ll set you free)
But they’re so heavy (Lay them at my feet)
I’ll lay them at your feet
Just promise you won’t leave (I’ll never leave)
So where do I go from here, Lord? (Just follow me, just follow me)
I’ll follow you (Just follow me) wherever you lead
Wherever you lead, wherever you lead

Music and lyrics by Jonny Lang. Purchase the album here.

What Dizmas is Doing

I’ve shared before that my good friend Zach Zegan is the lead singer of a band called Dizmas, and they are currently serving in a very unique and special ministry in Czech Republic. The video below is from a few of the guys in the band and really explains what they are doing day-to-day and I thought for those of you who have supported or know Zach and the band, then this would be a great way to hear their hearts and what God is doing in that country.

New Paramore Out Today

I’m a fan of music, which is probably why I talk about it a lot.

Today is the official release of Paramore’s 3rd album titled Brand New Eyes, and from what I’ve previewed on their website…it’s gonna rock. I suggest you get yourself a copy. This band is good, no doubt about it.

Hear, See, and Do – #10

We’re in the double digits for “Hear, See, and Do” and I’ve got a couple winners for you this time around.

HEAR: Needtobreathe - The Outsiders
Needtobreathe - The Outsiders Don’t let this band’s album artwork freak you out — they’re not scary. My friend Kurt turned me on to this band last week and the only way I can describe them is if Counting Crows, Kings of Leon, Tom Petty, and Hanson all got married, this would be their child. That’s probably the most awkward way of describing a band, but nothing else was coming to mind so you’re just going to have to go with it. Needtobreathe has Godly lyrics, and a more poppy sound without being so radio friendly that I just can’t handle it. They’ve got a Southern soul that makes me want to sit on the front porch a sip lemonade, and they have a hint of the newer Hanson sound that I dig — speaking of Hanson, did you know they’re going on tour with hellogoodbye this fall…awesome. Seriously, this band has impressed me. I can’t speak for their earlier albums, but their latest titled The Outsiders is good and I recommend you take a listen. Click here to buy the album from or just click the “Preview All” button to get a taste!

SEE: This Creative Video By a Guy Named Ben Rector

Ben Rector - Free from TK McKamy on Vimeo.

DO: Visit — It Will Change Your Life

The Cheese and Burger SocietyYou definitely do NOT want to visit this site if you answer yes to any of the following states:

I am currently hungry
I am pregnant
I hate cheeseburgers
I am a vegan or vegetarian
I hate amazing things
I never saw the movie The Emperor’s New Groove is not for the faint of heart or for those not wanting to immediately run out the door and find the most incredible cheeseburger you have ever had. I think this website may have changed the way I look at the cheeseburger….mmmmm… cheeseburger…. My favorites are: 6, 7, 10, 17, 21, and 25 — is it lunch time yet?

The New Switchfoot Single Is Good

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