Dizmas – Redemption, Passion, Glory

One of the bummer things about knowing people in bands is that they tour a lot. Dizmas, for instance, spends months out on the road touring and playing shows. I get to see the guys for a few days and then it’s back on the road for them. This morning was another bum deal because they were on Air1 radio doing an interview and I couldn’t listen to it because I was at work.

Despite all that, I do try to keep up with the band via this crazy thing called the world wide web — you might have heard of it. Every now and then a good YouTube video pops up and today was one of those days. Below is some footage of the guys playing “Redemption, Passion, Glory” from their first album.

Where I find Dizmas:
Dizmas on Twitter. (see also, Yeshua, JonDizmas, Nikolaka, and JoeyDizmas)
Dizmas on MySpace.
Dizmas on Last.FM.
Dizmas on YouTube.

Among Friends

Among Friends, originally uploaded by shaycam.

My friend Abe and I spent the day in Los Angeles this weekend. The above photos are just a taste of our photographic journey. Hopefully I’ll get some time to post some other photos from the day… but for now — enjoy.

Of course, they’re always more photos at Titles and Images and my Flickr.

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