10 Month Titus

Hand Made Shoes

I’m only posting this because I want to remind the world that there IS life beyond the computer. Okay, maybe that’s a reminder for myself, but I feel like in a world that is increasingly reliant upon technology that this kind of craftsmanship just doesn’t get the appreciate it deserves. I had the privilege once of visiting a guitar factory and I’ll never forget the feeling of watching people hand craft things — it’s inspiring, artistic, and all around just very cool.

Oh Valentine

Just Because Photos

I spend way too much time looking at photography, but not enough time shooting. I’m working hard to change that, and I figured I would start in my own home. These are my just-because-I-can-photos of my family from the past two nights. Bethany has been making pretty things and Titus has been trying to eat them, so I guess it’s been a pretty normal couple of evenings.

Also, I’m realizing more and more that I’m still learning how to use my camera…hard to explain, but it’s true. For you photo nerds, I shot all of these with my 16-35mm f/2.8 and I plan on shooting with it a lot more often. There’s something right about the 35mm — it’s a classic and I think I need to trust it more. But more on that later…on to the photos!

Baby Kid
Feed Me Mommy
The World On A String

Form and Function

Some shots I got today from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles