February 1, 2002

The picture here I have entitled “lastdayshot.jpg” when I saved it. But like, I really don’t get it? Kind of has a really weird feeling to it if you look at it. Pretty much sums up the past couple of weeks. Had a rough couple of weeks. Finals week was last week, I got hurt at soccer practice and am on crutches as we speak. Plus some other things happened that were confusing. And then this week was spiritual emphasis week at my school. Just pretty much got to worship and listen to awesome speakers in daily chapels. Very, very cool.

So my emotions have been all over the place. Some were of laughs and giggles in Mrs. Horning’s class and other’s were being lead by the Spirit to cry and sing during communion time at school. You never know how God works. He just does. I am not listening to music right now. A speaker at school challenged us to listen to God a little better than to listen to music or the tv and so on. So this is my story, take it for what it is and then be happy. ok I am tired. my eyes are closing.


January 8, 2002



I haven’t written in a while and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your family. hehe.. anyways.. I am in a good mood for some reason. It’s interesting when you think about it how you can get into moods. I really don’t understand it. I am sitting here all jazzed about whatever. Maybe it’s writing this journal, or maybe it’s just the thought that I am alive and well and breathing and typing and being who God made me; me.

ok i think that I will go now.

oh yeah I have new computer and it is fast. bye


December 6, 2001

hhm.. I think the only person that reads my little blurbs is a guy by the name of Daniel Conner. and I think it’s kind of funny that I’m referring to him in a way that makes it seem like I am talking to someone other than him. But if he was the only to read these, then I should probably just talk to him directly like, “hi Daniel.” I don’t know. That was hard to explain. But I guess my life lately has been like this picture at the right. I am listening to some emo stuff and just kind of being me.

I haven’t really heard from people lately. It’s confusing me. I don’t know if you understand what that means, but once you do you can feel like me. I’m starting to write more stuff down. Just my general thoughts and ideas about how things work up there in my head. I’m different. Just like you are different. All you have to do is channel that kind energy and write it down, or paint it, or just say it. It’s all just art, right?



October 28, 2001

I should be studying for an English test. But I really can’t seem to get focused. That class is like a disappointment for the whole day. I have it 5th period, and that bell out of 4th going to 5th is the worst. Cause you know you’re going to face Mrs. Horning, and no one wants that. haha.. you’d have to know and see this lady to understand. oh man.. anyway.. what have you been doing? hhm.. I’ve been doing quite a little amount of nothing. How do you feel about that? I feel good personally. uh. I’m done. I have nothing to contribute to myself.


October 15, 2001

check out my lip ring…ok it’s fake, but I’m getting it done for my birthday

It’s kind of early in the morning. It’s 6:51AM by my little computer clock in the bottom right of my screen and I just thought I’d take a minute and relax. It’s been a crazy weekend and now I have to get up and get my crap to school, which by the way, I am finally back at (school that is).

I went and saw MxPx and Lit this weekend in concert. A bunch of us guys drove down. It was rockin’ your pants off. Only problem was is that we saw a bunch of stuff we didn’t need or want to see. Like the girls being hoisted up and making out with each other. Or the lady that busted out some heroin right in front of us then walked off all goofball. But the part that was the most painful and fun was when the two sides of the crowds started chucking stuff at each other and getting all pissed. That “stuff” I’m talking about included plastic bottles, glass bottles, shoes, dirt, bottles with dirt inside, paper cups with dirt inside and etc. I was nuts! and we were right in the middle. I got hit in the face, that was cool. Couple other guys in our group got hit too. One of my friends got a beer to the head. That wasn’t funny, but it was funny. < — haha. Anyway, I’ll see you guys later. To school it is. Shay